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<p>Use up a summer glut or a bag of frozen runner beans in a wide range of pasta recipes, salads and side dishes, as well as aromatic curries. For more runner bean inspiration, check out our green bean salad recipes, green salad recipes and Easter side recipes.</p>
<p>Ingredients for Runner Bean Chutney:<br />2 lbs runner beans<br />4 or 5 onions<br />1 ½ lbs demerara sugar<br />1 ½ tablespoons turmeric powder<br />1 ½ tablespoons english mustard powder<br />1 ½ tablespoons cornflour<br />1 ½ pints malt vinegar<br />Method for Runner Bean Chutney:<br />Peal onions and cut small.<br />Slice beans and boil together with onions in salted water until both are tender.<br />Strain and drain well then cut up small or put through mincer.<br />Add sugar and 1 ¼ pints vinegar and boil for 15 minutes.<br />Mix turmeric, mustard and cornflour with the remaining vinegar add to the bean & onions<br />Boil for another 15 minutes.<br />Allow to cool and put into sterilised jars. you can also see whole process at <a href=""></a></p>

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Recipe for runner bean chutney


Does anyone have a recipe for runner bean chutney that they could share?

Thank you



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