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<p>I have some steps you can try. Here's some advice:</p>
<p>Pruning: Begin by pruning off heavily infested leaves and branches. This will help remove a significant portion of the lacebugs and reduce their population on the plant.</p>
<p>Watering and fertilization: Ensure that your pieris is receiving adequate water and nutrients. A healthy plant is better equipped to withstand pest attacks and can recover more effectively.</p>
<p>Insecticidal soap or oil: Continue spraying the plant with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. These products can help smother and kill lacebugs. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label for application rates and frequency.</p>
<p>Neem oil: Neem oil is another option you can try. It has insecticidal properties and can be effective against lacebugs. Dilute the neem oil according to the instructions and spray it on the plant, focusing on the undersides of leaves where lacebugs often hide.</p>
<p>Beneficial insects: Consider introducing beneficial insects to the garden, such as ladybugs or lacewing larvae. They are natural predators of lacebugs and can help control their population.  <a href="">ScoreSense App</a></p>
<p>Repeat treatments: Lacebugs have a life cycle, and multiple treatments may be necessary to break it. Repeat the spraying regimen at regular intervals, following the product instructions, to target newly hatched lacebugs and prevent them from reproducing.</p>
<p>Monitor and maintain: Keep a close eye on your pieris plant for any signs of reinfestation. Regularly inspect the leaves for lacebug activity and take prompt action if you notice a resurgence.</p>
<p>It's important to note that controlling a well-established lacebug infestation can be challenging, and there's no guarantee of complete eradication. However, by diligently following these steps and maintaining the health of your plant, you can improve its chances of recovery.  </p>

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Pieris Lacebug

<p>Hi  Ive a pieris that seems to have had Lacebug infection for a long while but Ive only just noticed and investigated. It seems to be almost 100% infected with lacebug – typical leaf discolouration etc and it was covered in black flys a few months ago. Any advice Ive seen is for early on in the problem, not when its well established  – whats the best way to save the plant?  Ive sprayed it several times in last few weeks but Ive notice new leaves that looked ok are now showing discolouration  thanks</p>
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