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<p>Hi Incendea, I'm exactly in the same situation as you… Lockdown gardener and experimenting with Geraniums. I bought loads in lockdown and promised myself I'd try to save as many by experimenting. I've just today cut back the rest of mine and…</p>
<p>Shook off the soil tidied them up and put them in a brown paper bag in the shed. </p>
<p>Took cuttings and placed them in the cold frame. </p>
<p>Took cuttings and left them outside in pots. </p>
<p>Sent 1 cutting across to my in-laws green house.</p>
<p>Shook off the soil and cut back the stems and stored them outside in a wicker basket. </p>
<p>All purely experiments going by what I've read in books etc. </p>
<p>I know from experience last year I'd left them in the containers that they stood in from the summer and by the spring they had rotted although I held out hope because there was new growth in the leaves. They didn't make it to summer though. </p>

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Overwintering pelargoniums (geraniums)

<p>I have only recently started taking gardening seriously (I'm a Lockdowm gardener!) and recently took some cuttings from my geraniums. I was happy that one of the eight survived! But on reading more about them I found that there are several different ways of "overwintering" them. This took me by surprise as a couple of years ago I bought some pelargoniums and put them in my front garden bed (facing south-east) in Cambridgeshire. I have never done anything to "overwinter" them, and yet they are still going strong, have spread, and are still in flower now. Have I just been lucky, and do I bother doing anything this year now that I "know better"?</p>


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