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<p>Begonias and geraniums are beautiful flowers that Sans in <a href="">bad time simulator</a> loves.</p>

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Over wintering plants

<p>Several questions.</p>
<p>1 lve now got a thermostat fan  heater  and a double 1800 mm long  led daylight spectrum light set up in my green house. Its draft proofed and has been lined with bubble wrap. Can l continue growing my tuberous begonias tomatoes and geraniums through out the winter. If not what could l try as flowers or to eat. Ive also got brugmansia seeds so when is the best time to sow them considering l have heat and light. Will this give me an even earlier sowing planting opportunity for next year etc. This is my main question but the other two would be very helpful too.</p>
<p>2 lve also built a 4mtr x 2mtr x 600mm high cold frame with a 50mm thick polycarbonate top also well insulated with power for heat and light if needed. What could l start off or grow in that over winter in that.</p>
<p>3 Lastly ive also the same size coldframe but only 300mm high also well insulated with possible power and the same poly top. Just need advice on the best way to get the best out of them now that lm semi retired and also getting involved in communal planting so would use some of my plants to contribute to that.</p>
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