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My Hebe make over project

<p>Hi Folks,</p>
<p>Yesterday my Brother brought me a plant in need of tender loving care, he said it was a Hebe from my Nephews new garden that had to go to make way for a new driveway.</p>
<p>Today when I took it out of the bag he brought it over in i was amazed to find the plant still in the pot it was bought in complete with crocking in the bottom. It had obviously been planted this way with the hope it would stay small, the plant had other ideas and forced its roots out of the holes in the bottom of the pot and romped away.</p>
<p>I took a pair of secateurs to it, and a pair of loppers and a pruning saw and I had to cut the plant pot off and give it a hard prune then pot it up and hope it recovers.</p>


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