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<p>Covering the soil around the base of your lilac tree with a breathable membrane and gravel or slate should not harm the tree's growth as long as you follow a few guidelines.</p>
<p>First, make sure that the membrane is breathable so that water and nutrients can still penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the tree. Otherwise, the roots could become waterlogged and begin to rot.</p>
<p>Second, be careful not to cover the base of the tree with too much material, as this could smother the roots and prevent them from getting the oxygen they need to grow. A layer of 2-3 inches of gravel or slate should be sufficient. <a href="">loldle</a></p>
<p>Finally, keep in mind that the roots of a lilac tree can extend quite far from the trunk, so you may need to cover a larger area than just the immediate base of the tree to prevent the soil from drying out. Consider extending the gravel or slate cover to a radius of at least a few feet around the tree.</p>

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Lilac tree base.

<p>The border around the base of my Lilac tree is arid and dry. It is difficult to grow anything there so I was considering covering the area with a breathable membrane and some sort of gravel or slate. I wondering if this will harm the trees growth. Anybody know ?</p>


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