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<p>Hi individual grounds-keepers!</p>
<p>I'm looking for guidance with respect to a parched and dry boundary around the foundation of my Lilac tree. In spite of my endeavors, it's been trying to develop anything around there. I'm thinking about an answer including a breathable layer covered with rock or record, yet I'm uncertain in the event that this approach will hurt the tree's development. I would enormously see the value in any bits of knowledge or encounters you can share on this.</p>
<p>Here are a few specific questions:</p>
<p>Have you encountered a similar issue with dry soil around the base of your trees?<br />What solutions have you tried, and have they been successful?<br />Would using a breathable membrane covered with gravel or slate impede the Lilac tree's growth or cause any potential harm?<br />Are there alternative methods or materials you would recommend to improve the border's appearance and maintain the tree's health?<br />Your expertise and suggestions are invaluable to me, as our collective knowledge helps us create beautiful and thriving gardens. Thank you in advance for your advice!</p>
<p>Happy gardening!</p>

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Lilac tree base.

<p>The border around the base of my Lilac tree is arid and dry. It is difficult to grow anything there so I was considering covering the area with a breathable membrane and some sort of gravel or slate. I wondering if this will harm the trees growth. Anybody know ?</p>


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