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<p>Viburnum is a genus of shrubs and small trees that are known for their attractive flowers, foliage, and berries. There are many different species of Viburnum, and they can have a variety of different growth habits and characteristics. <a href=""></a></p>
<p>If you have a photo of a plant that you believe may be a Viburnum, you can try comparing it to photos and descriptions of different Viburnum species to see if there is a match. Some common Viburnum species include Viburnum opulus (European cranberry bush), Viburnum dentatum (arrowwood viburnum), and Viburnum plicatum (Japanese snowball). However, there are many other Viburnum species and cultivars, so it can be helpful to consult with a knowledgeable plant expert or reference book for a more definitive identification.</p>

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Is this a Viburnum?

<p>Move to new house has thrown up a couple of questions and I would like to find out if this is a Viburnum and if so which strain. Thanks in anticipation.</p>


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