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How exciting that you are getting married eek! 

I had fragrant Freesias in adorable shades of purple because I got married in October and tulips my favs were not in season boo! 🙁 

The flowers of romance have to be roses! 

I am pretty shocking at growing flowers, I am a herb queen though, my chives grow magnificently woohoo 

New home wonderful love buying housey bits 


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I love Hydrangeas they are one of my favourite flowers! I’d love to have them home grown for my wedding bouquet but am a very novice gardener and only just moved into my new home; think a lot of TLC is needed first! 

What did other gardeners have in their wedding bouquets and what’s your favourite flowers for love and romance? Would love to hear all you’re stories!

Sorry boys think this forum may be one for the girls ha ha 😛


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