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Great advice from Florexpert there is also the method using horticultural fleece or a fine micro mesh as a barrier to keep the fly off the plants, of course rotation is important here as if there are any carrot fly pupae overwintering they may hatch out within the barrier and think they are in carrot fly heaven . Thing is though on a personal basis I have never had any success with the carrot fly resistant varieties they have been no better or worse than the Autunum King types.Since the banning of chemicals such as Bromophos I have lately given up with carrots but this year with the help of raised beds and some mesh I will give them another try.It does however bug me a little that farmers can be trusted to throw chemicals all over the place but we irresponsible gardeners are not. There is not a trace of carrot fly damage on supermarket carrots so perhaps it is time that gardeners are allowed to poison themselves if they so wish.This year it is raised beds after many years of veg gardening on the flat.

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how can I avoid carrot fly on my allotment

I’ve grown carrots for a few years now and carrot fly is a real problem on the allotment. I’ve been using fleece for the last few seasons, but last summer the little critters (not what they’re called when the carrots are lifted 🙂 ) still managed to attack the roots.

I rotate the crops every season, but was wondering if anyone has any tips that work?




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