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Hello Oldchap.

It will probably depend on the variety. I grow chilies in pots in an unheated greenhouse and i’ve picked fruits as late as mid December. The plants slow right down – i doubt you’ll see any new foliage growth but the fruits will continue to ripen, albeit very slowly.

I would be interested to see you keep these plants in the cloche right through winter and see if they revive next spring. While I’ve grown hundreds of chillies in pots, i’ve never planted one out in the soil?

Lovely compact plants with lots of fruit by the way.

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Growing chillies under glass

I’ve been growing chillies under glass this summer in a small cloche. The lids have been off  in the warm weather but are now back on.

My question is how long can I keep them there waiting to ripen off. How hardy will they be??


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