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Grow Trug frustration

<p>hi everyone</p>
<p>i purchased a growtrug last autumn when they were on offer with the intention of growing some vegetables in it this year. Hubby and I are both frustrated so we tend to stick to container gardening as it’s easier for us.</p>
<p>my veg plugs arrived today and I thought we’d quickly build the grow trug. Who was I kidding. I’m used to building flatpack stuff and it doesn’t faze me, even some of Ikeas bigger items are not an issue.</p>
<p>this wee thing has had me in tears, has had hubby and I yelling each other and we’ve given up in disgust. There are items that aren’t on the contents list, the instructions are probably the worst I’ve come across. Pieces are missing, pieces are there that shouldn’t be. My plants are all on the kitchen table, the trug is cuttingly poking out of my recycling bin and my frustration has my blood pressure at stroke level.</p>
<p>a word of warning to folks buying</p>
<p> </p>


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