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You have not stated what type of plants you intend growing shrubs flowers or vegetables but the below comments apply to most.

If the soil in the garden is ok, it should be fairly good as you had a good first year so with care the soil should be improving.Adding compost / manure etc is always good for shrubs or perennials flowers leaf mould if you have it is also very good but that wasn’t your question. 

I have created raised beds myself this year after many years of low level gardening . I did this not to help prevent bending etc but to access the soil without treading on it.

It really does depend on the height that you intend to construct your beds as I have found that by the time I have levelled the site and dug the paths between the beds there was enough soil with the addition of a lot of compost to fill them. The soil is of course not so compacted as before.

Buying in topsoil is quite expensive also it has to transported to the garden.But if you have the means then that is one way to do it.

I have not quite completed the overhaul of the vegetable plot yet but progress so far can be seen here.

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Garden redesign help required

I planted low level beds two years ago, they were great first year but last summer produced little or plants bolted. I used chicken manure to give them a boost one month before planting. I am now looking to raise the beds and would appreciate helpin what to put in them soil wise to get best results.


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