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<p>To be honest I am not sure 6 inches is deep enough for a climber like a honeysuckle or Clematis, it would be fine for sweetpeas or similar, I would be more inclined to go with a deeper tub or similar. I used to have a half barrel with a clematis montana in, mind you we had cut the bottom off and it sent its roots into the ground.</p>

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fragrant climbers

<p>Hi everyone</p>
<p>Please can someone advise whether I can grow fragrant climbers in 6inch deep troughs against the trellis ? if in a planter what is the minimum depth it should be to give clematis and climbers the best chance of survival. I have a path all the way along the trellis so cannot be planted in to the ground – any advice gratefully received. I do have a couple of clematis in these troughs at the moment but not too sure it is really doing them any favours!</p>
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