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<p>The concept of a wild garden is against formalism. Such gardens are laid out for more, agreeable communication with nature. Wild style of gardening follows no rules, but aim is to make the garden beautiful and natural. Wide variety of trees, plants and creepers are used in a natural way.<br /><br /><a href="">LandstarOnline Portal</a></p>

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Found an awesome catterpillar hiding in my garden

<p>Hi Folks, recently I was moving a flower planter which was sitting on old bricks and underneath  I found this beauty a bit of research tells me (I believe) it is a privet hawk moth, I was so happy, at the moment he is sitting in a coffee jar with some leaves in my shed and I am hoping he will turn into a wonderful moth next spring.</p>
<p>I think he is on the point of turning into a chrysalis (sp) as he was not active when I found him.</p>


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