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<p><br />Spring is usually the best time to start a new garden but plants may be added in spring or autumn, depending on the type of plant. Plants that thrive in the cold, like pansies and kale, can be planted in autumn or winter. Annuals and tomatoes should be planted when the weather warms up and after the last frost date. Plant perennials in mid-spring or mid-autumn.</p>

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does "full sun" mean all day

<p>Hi  new to this forum and still learning a lot about gardening !  I have just created a new border that faces south east. Unfortunately there is a large beautifull willow tree nearby. Hence this border gets  total full sun only up till midday… then it goes into dappled shade until about 6 .. when the sun comes back around the willow. I would like to plant Verbena bonariensis , Lavatera and Buddlejah .. do you think these plants will get enough sun ?  thanks</p>


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