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<p>Isolate affected plants: If you have identified that the issue is caused by a virus, it's important to isolate the affected plants from healthy ones to prevent further spread of the virus. This can help protect your other plants in the greenhouse.</p>
<p>Remove and destroy infected plant parts: Prune and remove any visibly infected parts of the plants, including the dead heads and affected leaves. Bag and dispose of them properly, preferably outside the greenhouse, to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.</p>
<p>Maintain good hygiene: Viral diseases can be easily transmitted through contaminated tools, equipment, or hands. Make sure to clean and sanitize any tools you use when working with the infected plants. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching other plants to prevent spreading the virus further.  <a href="">MyAccountAccess Online</a></p>
<p>Monitor and control pests: Some viruses can be transmitted by insects or other pests. Monitor your plants regularly for any signs of pests and take appropriate measures to control them. Insect nets or other physical barriers can be useful in preventing pests from reaching your plants.</p>
<p>Strengthen plant health: Healthy plants are more resistant to diseases. Provide proper care to your tomato plants by maintaining optimal growing conditions, including adequate water, sunlight, and nutrition. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid overcrowding to reduce humidity levels, as high humidity can promote the spread of diseases.</p>

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Curled purple leaf vein virus.

<p>16 tomato plants in my greenhouse fruit on bottom three trusses all very healthy Friday night 14.5.21.Satuday morning all had purple leaf virus and in the head of plants which overnight had become dead. Never heard of it before any tips?Bottom trusses so far Today they are all looking healthy. Plenty on Goggle in Florida about this virus but very little about it in the UK..</p>


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