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<p>I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your tomato plants. The sudden appearance of purple leaf virus and subsequent plant death can be concerning. However, without further information and a proper diagnosis, it's difficult to provide specific tips or solutions. It's important to note that as an AI language model, I don't have real-time information on specific outbreaks or localized plant diseases.</p>
<p>However, I can offer some general suggestions to help you address the situation:</p>
<p>Identification and diagnosis: Try to identify the specific symptoms and compare them to known tomato diseases. Look for resources, such as agricultural extension services or local gardening communities, that can help you diagnose the issue accurately. Identifying the specific virus or disease will provide valuable information for finding the right treatment or preventive measures.</p>
<p>Pest management: Check for any signs of pests that may have transmitted the virus to your plants. Insects like aphids or whiteflies can carry and spread viruses. Implement appropriate pest control measures to prevent further spread.</p>
<p>Sanitation and hygiene: Ensure good hygiene practices in your greenhouse. Clean any tools, containers, or surfaces that may have come in contact with infected plants. This can help minimize the risk of spreading the virus to healthy plants.</p>
<p>Plant care and nutrition: Maintain proper plant care practices, including adequate watering, balanced nutrition, and appropriate environmental conditions. Healthy and well-nourished plants are generally more resilient to diseases.</p>
<p>Seek local expertise: Consider contacting local gardening clubs, horticultural societies, or agricultural experts who may have experience with tomato diseases in your region. They can provide valuable insights and guidance specific to your area.</p>
<p>Remember, it's essential to identify the specific virus or disease affecting your plants to determine the most appropriate course of action. Local experts or plant disease diagnostic services can provide accurate diagnoses and tailored recommendations for your situation. <a href="">official site</a></p>

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Curled purple leaf vein virus.

<p>16 tomato plants in my greenhouse fruit on bottom three trusses all very healthy Friday night 14.5.21.Satuday morning all had purple leaf virus and in the head of plants which overnight had become dead. Never heard of it before any tips?Bottom trusses so far Today they are all looking healthy. Plenty on Goggle in Florida about this virus but very little about it in the UK..</p>


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