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<p>When using quotations from other sources, it is necessary to include the author's name in parentheses, as well as the date and page number. Citing quotes from scholarly sources is acceptable as long as the <a href=""></a> is not too close to the original text. Lastly, be sure to cite any non-scholarly sources, including websites, YouTube videos, and lectures. Citation styles vary by institution, but the APA Style is commonly used for social sciences.</p>

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Create an introductory essay

<p>Once you've written and refined your essay writing plan, it's time to write the essay. Start with an introductory paragraph. This is an opportunity to link the first sentence to the reader's interest, which can be an interesting fact, a quote, or a rhetorical question.</p>
<p>Add abstracts of the thesis after the first sentence. The abstract clearly states what you want to express in the essay. Follow this suggestion to introduce your body parts. This not only gives structure to the essay, but also signals to the reader what will happen next. For example:</p>
<p>Please note that the author uses facts and appeals to the reader to attract his attention, and if you want to keep your audience, contact an <a href="">online paper writer</a> and order work from them, because you cannot write an essay in a slick way if you have little experience in writing. Writing the main part of the essay<br />After you've written your introduction, it's time to work on the body of your paper in three to four paragraphs. Each should contain one main idea, which follows the plan prepared earlier.</p>
<p>In two or three sentences, support the main opinion, giving specific examples. End each paragraph with a sentence that concludes the argument in the paragraph. In this case, the author continues to address the reader directly, giving examples to support his assertion.</p>
<p>Essay Completion<br />The summary paragraph sums up the essay and is often the back paragraph of the introduction. Start a short paragraph with a quick recap of the main paragraphs. In the penultimate (last) sentence, it is necessary to repeat the main thesis of the essay. Your final statement may be the prediction of the future that you showed in your essay. In this example, the author makes a prediction based on the arguments given in the essay.</p>


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