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<p>It's great to hear that your climbing rose is thriving! Here are a few options to consider for supporting your rose once the contorted willow falls over:</p>
<p>Install a Trellis: You can install a trellis behind the rose to provide support. A trellis is a structure made of lattice or open framework that allows the rose to climb and grow vertically. Be sure to choose a sturdy trellis that can support the weight of the rose.</p>
<p>Build a Support Structure: You can build a support structure using poles and wires or cables. This involves securing the poles into the ground, then running wires or cables between them to create a framework for the rose to grow on. You may need to add additional wires or cables as the rose grows.</p>
<p>Replant the Rose: If the rose is still relatively young and can be easily transplanted, you may want to consider moving it to a new location where it can grow up a different support structure, such as a fence or pergola.</p>
<p>Cut Back the Rose: If you don't want to install a support structure or move the rose, you can also cut it back to a more manageable size. This will help reduce the weight of the plant and make it less likely to topple over once the willow falls. <a href="">My Sutter Online</a></p>

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Climbing Rose

<p>I have a climbing rose that has been growing up through the branches of a dead contorted willow. But the tree is now about to fall over. What can I do to support the rose which goes up about 10-12 feet and has a spread of around 8 feet diameter.  The rose is 6-7 years old and is doing really well.</p>


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