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<p>Clematis Winter Beauty is a variety of clematis that is known for its stunning display of delicate white flowers with yellow centers. It is a deciduous climbing vine that typically blooms from late winter to early spring, and it can reach a height of 6-10 feet (2-3 meters). <a href="">Check My Rota</a></p>
<p>What makes Clematis Winter Beauty unique is that it is one of the few clematis varieties that bloom during the winter months when most other plants are dormant. This makes it a great addition to a winter garden, where it can add some much-needed color and interest.</p>
<p>Clematis Winter Beauty prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. It is generally low maintenance, but it may benefit from some pruning in the early spring to encourage new growth and to keep it from becoming too woody.</p>
<p>Overall, Clematis Winter Beauty is a beautiful and unique plant that can add some much-needed color to a winter garden.</p>

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Clematis Winter Beauty

<p>We have a Clematis Winter Beauty that is about 4 years old on a south facing brick house wall. Last winter it had very health foliage and was covered in buds when one day in December, much to our dismay,  all the buds had fallen to the ground.</p>
<p>Help please !</p>


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