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<p>There could be several reasons why your broccoli plants are producing flowers but not forming heads. Here are a few possible explanations:</p>
<p>Temperature: Broccoli needs cool temperatures to form heads. If the temperature is too warm, the plant may start to produce flowers instead of heads. If the temperature has been consistently warm, it may be a reason why your broccoli plants are not forming heads.</p>
<p>Nutrient deficiency: Broccoli requires adequate nutrients, particularly nitrogen, to produce heads. If the soil is lacking in nutrients, it may result in the plant producing flowers instead of heads.</p>
<p>Pests or diseases: Pests or diseases such as aphids or clubroot can affect the growth of broccoli plants, causing them to produce flowers instead of heads.</p>
<p>Timing: Broccoli has a specific window for head formation, and if it is planted too early or too late in the season, it may not produce heads.</p>
<p>To determine the specific cause of your broccoli plants not forming heads, it's best to consult with a gardening expert or conduct a soil test to check for nutrient deficiencies.</p>
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broccoli flowering but no heads

<p> </p>
<p>I have tried to grow the organic TandM broccoli but it's shot up to about 3ft high and is flowering but no central head has formed. Anyone know why?</p>


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