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That’s great Carol. Did the previous owners not take care of the garden? I know from my own experiences and I have only been in my house over a year, the previous owner done nothing apart from seldom mowing the lawn. I am coming to the very end of clearing out all the weeds and plants which have overgrown in the borders, so I am looking forward to actually planting some of the things I would like in the garden.

It’s great to see someone else’s photo for inspiration.

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Been busy in my garden

Hi all, given the wonderful weather we have been having recently I have been busy in my garden enlarging the boarders a bit, I have been here two years and the back garden was literally all grass with lots of weeds in it.

I have gradually introduced shrubs first in squares dug out of the lawn and then gradually enlarging the space around them. I am now really happy with at least one side of my garden, the other needs a lot of work to match this but when the mood takes me I will crack on with it.

Anyway I thought you might like to see what I have achieved so far. 🙂


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