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<p>Asparagus plants generally require a period of dormancy during the winter months, so you can reduce watering during this time. However, you don't want the soil to dry out completely, as this can damage the roots.</p>
<p>Here are some general tips on watering asparagus plants during the winter:</p>
<li>Water the plants thoroughly before the first frost. This will help to ensure that the soil is moist going into the winter months.</li>
<li>Check the soil moisture regularly throughout the winter. Asparagus plants can still lose moisture through transpiration even when they are dormant, so it's important to monitor the soil moisture level.</li>
<li>Water sparingly as needed. If the soil becomes dry to the touch, you can water the plants lightly. However, avoid overwatering as this can lead to root rot.</li>
<li>Avoid watering during extended periods of freezing weather, as the water can freeze and damage the roots. <a href="">feudle</a></li>
<p>Overall, you want to keep the soil slightly moist during the winter months without overwatering. This will help to ensure that your asparagus plants stay healthy and strong for the next growing season.</p>

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Asparagus growing in a cold greenhouse not req

<p>I have about 20 three year old asparagus crowns in my cold greenhouse. They cropped well this year and have been cut down. What are the watering requirements through the rest of the winter as obviously they do not get any rain. Do they just become dormant or do they need watering to keep them growing.</p>
<p>Thanks for any help</p>
<p>John in Guernsey  </p>


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