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Will Cam Newton start for the Patriots in Week 1 What to exp

Even since the Patriots signed Cam Newton in June, there was an a sumption that he would replace Tom Brady as the team's starting quarterback in 2020. But when training camp started, it became clear Newtonhad to earn the job in New England by beating out second-year QB Jarett Stidham.

As usual with anything Patriots, it's been hard to read Newton's status and their comfort level in him with fewer thantwo weeks left before the team opens by hosting the Dolphins in Week 1.

Here's a breakdown of how things havegone down for Newton in camp and what that means for the regular season:


Carlos Baerga Jersey How has Cam Newton performed in camp?

Early in camp practices, the Patriots made it seem like things were even between Newton, Stidham and Brian Hoyer. But that has changed quickly with Newton dominating the critical first-team reps after the first week.

Most beat reporters think Newton has all but won the battle, given he's been the only one in the battle of late.Newton, humbled after his release from the Panthers, the team who took him No. 1 overall in 2011, as oflast week, didn't feel like he was the starter yet.

“Absolutely not. Every day is a workday for me,” Newton told those reporters. “That label is not important to me right now. I have so much I need to get better at, so much I need to learn, so much I need to be comfortable with. Throughout this proce s, that's the last thing that I'm pretty much worried about.”

As expected, Newton has needed time to learn Josh McDaniel's offense and execute it to his satisfaction. Fewer than two months in an unusual coronavirus-affected offseason is not enough for any QB to immerse himself in a complicated scheme with which he's not familiar.

The only things in Stidham's (and Hoyer's) favor of Newton have been the grasp of a system and knowledge of personnel with their varying degrees of experience in it. Newton has allayed the one overblown concern that his mind-set and big personality would not mesh with coach Bill Belichick.

In terms of the intangible parts of the job, Belichick has had effusive praise for Newton, who has brought much-needed post Brady energy as a confident leader, something Stidham, seven years Larry Doby Jersey his younger, just doesn't have.

As far as Newton's pa sing and running, the real highlights have been behind the scenes. He's worked to develop chemistry with Julian Edleman and the rest of his receivers. Most important, there are no indications there are major lingering health i sues with his shoulder or knee injuries to think he can rebound with his standout arm strength and athleticism.

How has Jarett Stidham battled Cam Newton?

Although Stidham reportedly wasn't feeling right with his leg a little more than a week ago, it's been his arm and decision-making that have let him down in a Kenny Lofton Jersey big way. With Newton still feeling his waythrough the offense, Stidham had every opportunity to by flashing as a pa ser.

Instead, he's made a lot more big mistakes than big plays in practice as every interception he's thrown being quickly documented. Stidham was a fourth-round pick for a reason he had nice skill set and upside, but he's showing the mental i sues related to accuracy that saw him go from potential first-rounder to a disappointing, regre sing final season at Auburn.

Ever since Newton was signed so late, it was an indication that despite their steadfastne s in saying they were OK with Stidham succeeding Brady, that was more to push Stidham for significant improvement. That has failed to manifest. Newton may not think he has done enough to win the job, but Stidham has certainly done plenty to lose it.


Would the Patriots really use a two-QB system?

Belichick has admitted he will get as creative as needed for New England to win games, and has proved that throughout his Hall of Fame career with ever-adjusting schemes and personnel. But the one thing that has never happened for him and McDaniels is needing to think about a QB platoon, with Brady being the Bradley Zimmer Jersey one and only answer.

The AFC is home to Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson. The Patriots would have little shot at winningbig trying to rotate a mobile Newton with a pure pocket Stidham, because as the old adage goes, if you need to use to two QBs, you don't have one good one.

This might have gotten the tiniest consideration early beforeNewton got his feet wetand before Stidham got submerged. Now that Newton is finding his stride and closer to a groove, it would seem totally un-Belichickian to need to force Stidham in as a No. 2 behind the new No. 1.

What kind of QB will Cam Newton for the Patriots in 2020?

Newton beating out Stidham is a minor hurdle in relation to navigating through a new conference. Consider the pre sure of both limiting the Patriots'dropoff fromBrady and rebounding from a washed-out 2019 season that put Newton's career at a cro sroads.

There's been a perception that McDaniels and Belichick can get the best out of a healthy Newton, turning back the clock to his 2015 MVP season with the Panthers. But Newton isn't working with the best support system to lift him Omar Vizquel Jersey close to those league-best heights.

Other than Edelman at wide receiver the Patriots need veteran Mohamed Sanu and second-year first-rounder N'Keal Harry to be healthy and raise their games to round out their effectivene s in 11 personnel. The team also isundergoing a transition at tight end, with Devin Asiasi so far standing outvs. fellow rookie Dalton Keene.

In the backfield with Newton, James White is locked into being his key receiving outlet. But for the early-down and power running gameSony Michel (foot) and late addition Lamar Miller (knee) have had injury i sues. Second-year Damien Harris has promise with a well-rounded game that is finally being untapped.

The offensive line has some good news with left tackle Isaiah Wynn and center David Andrews returning from lost seasons. But that group is also down a starter with Marcus Cannon opting out of the season.

There are manymoving parts and unknowns for the Patriots around quarterback, on top of not knowing exactlyhow much they will incorporate Newton'srunning ability, a 180 from Brady. In typical New England fashion and then some, the team is hiding most of its cards well.

Would it surprise anyone if Newton went back to a smiling Superman? With his physical skills and a change of scenery in a well-devised, adaptable offense, it would not. Would it be shocking If Newton fell flat, either having more Tyler Naquin Jersey durability i sues orlosing his efficiency? In apa sing game that relies much on the short-to-intermediate game, it would not.

With his wide range of outcomes, Newton is biggest wild-card player onewill find anywhere in the NFL this season.

What would make the Patriots bench Cam Newton?



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