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What happened to the original USFL Herschel Walker Donald Tr

The USFL will launch on Saturday, April 16 in Jesus Sucre Jersey yet another attempt to start a profe sional football league.

This is the second attempt at spring football for the USFL. The first league enjoyed short-lived succe s from 1983-86. The new USFL will bank on that nostalgia factor with the same franchises and team names from the 1980s. It's also not a direct challenger for the NFL.

Why did the original USFL catch on and eventually fail? That's a history le son worth looking at.

What was the original USFL?

New Orleans busine sman David Dixon, who helped get the Saints to the NFL, had a vision for a spring and summer football league, and that groundwork was laid in 1980.

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The timing helped. The NFL had a strike-shortened season in 1982, and the USFL's first season was the following spring in 1983. The league had 12 teams, and several of those teams played in NFL stadiums.

The league also secured solid television deals. The 1983 USFL championship game between the Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars was televised on ABC and Keith Jackson and Lynn Swann called the game.

The league lasted three seasons from 1983-85.

What did the USFL do right?

The USFL originally planned to bar undercla smen, but that changed when they allowed Georgia star Herschel Walker, arguably the greatest college football player of all time, to sign with the New Jersey Generals after his junior John Means Jersey season. Heisman Trophy winners Mike Rozier and Doug Flutie followed Walker to the USFL over the NFL.

The talent level in the USFL was legitimate. Future Pro Football Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Reggie White and Gary Zimmerman also played in the league. Kelly and Young played in a Kevin Gausman Jersey between the Houston Gamblers and Los Angeles Expre s in 1985; a game in which Kelly pa sed for 574 yards and five TDs.

On the field, the USFL allowed for two-point conversions, a rule the NFL would not adopt until 1994. That was one of the quirks of a league that enjoyed modest succe s in its first season.

What did the USFL do wrong?

The USFL didn't have a salary cap, and that made for financial trouble for some franchises. The stability of those franchises from year to year was tough.

The league tried to expand from 12 to 18 teams for its second season, and by the third season it trimmed back down to Chris Tillman Jersey 14 teams. Only six of those USFL franchises lasted all three seasons.

USFL franchises by year198319841985New Jersey GeneralsNew Jersey GeneralsNew Jersey GeneralsTampa Bay BanditsTampa Bay BanditsTampa Bay BanditsBirmingham StallionsBirmingham StallionsBirmingham StallionsOakland InvadersOakland InvadersOakland InvadersDenver GoldDenver GoldDenver GoldLos Angeles Expre sLos Angeles Expre sLos Angeles Expre sMichigan PanthersMichigan PanthersWashington FederalsWashington FederalsChicago BlitzChicago BlitzArizona WranglersArizona WranglersPhiladelphia StarsPhiladelphia StarsBaltimore StarsBoston BreakersNew Orleans BreakersPortland BreakersPittsburgh MaulersMemphis ShowboatsMemphis ShowboatsJacksonville BullsJacksonville BullsHouston GamblersHouston GamblersOklahoma OutlawsArizona OutlawsSan Antonio GunslingersSan Antonio GunslingersOrlando Renegades

The new version of the USFL will start with eight teams in 2022.

Donald Trump also was involved in the USFL. He became the owner of the New Jersey Generals in 1984, and he led the push for the league to move to a fall schedule and directly compete with the NFL. The USFL filed an antitrust lawsuit with the NFL and won the case for $1, but the three-year court battle added to the league's financial woes.

The USFL would ultimately fold in 1986.

What is the USFL's legacy?

The original USFL had succe s and was seen as a fun alternative for the NFL and offered a blueprint for succe s in Dwight Smith Jr. Jersey some cases.

The nostalgia factor will be high, too. The new USFL kept the teams names and it paid homage to the original league. The glamour franchise (New Jersey Generals), their biggest rival (Tampa Bay Bandits) and the most-succe sful franchise (Philadelphia Stars) are back.

USFL franchises for 2022Birmingham StallionsHouston GamblersMichigan PanthersNew Jersey GeneralsNew Orleans BreakersPhiladelphia StarsPittsburgh MaulersTampa Bay Bandits

Marv Levy and Bill Polian took the le sons learned from the Chicago Blitz and built a four-time AFC champion with the Buffalo Bills around Kelly at quarterback.

Ultimately, the financial instability and directly challenging the NFL led to the league's demise. That's a le son the XFL would learn later, and the new USFL would be better served as a developmental Manny Machado Jersey league that experiments with new innovations the NFL can use later.

The USFL is in the right window on the sports calendar, and this time it coincides with the MLB coming off a lockout. Don't be surprised if there is modest succe s at the start, but can it maintain that viewership?


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