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What Are Ringtones

What are Ringtones? A ringtone is the sound made by a mobile phone. Not the actual ring, but an animated sound that you can customize to make your phone ring. Some people use them to personalize their cell phones. Besides the actual ring, you can create your own ringtone and set it as your default sound. You can also choose a custom sound for your phone from a wide variety of options.

Android phones are typically stored in the Computer/My Computer window on Windows. For OS X devices, you'll need to download klingeltöne the Android File Transfer program to access the files. In the Ringtones folder, select the custom ringtone that you want to play when you receive a call. The folder may be in the base folder, but it could also be in /media/audio/ringtones on Mac computers. Once you've selected the right ringtone for your phone, you're ready to use it.

There are two types of ringtones: monophonic and polyphonic. Monophonic ringtones are the simplest and most compatible type. Polyphonic ringtones can contain multiple notes or instruments. Polyphonic ringtones sound more like real music than monophonic ones do. With improvements in polyphonic ringtone technology, polyphonic ringtones will eventually be CD quality music.


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