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wall painting ideas at home

Wall painting is not an easy task to perform. Hence here are some ideas that can help you with wall painting ideas for all painters in Dubai that make the wall more according to the person’s taste and selection.


1- Plain or Single Color wall:

This means any wall that has a single color that can be vibrant, funky, comfortable, or even soothing that how any person wants.


2- Ombre Wall:

Any wall that has an ombre effect does give a gradient outlook that gives a wall natured themed look like sunrise, water, or even animal fur. 


3- Polka Dots Wall:

Hence another look to go for wall painting is polka dots which means circles printed on the wall on which hence the number of colors is decided by the person. The polka dots wall theme can be of large dots or single dots as well.


4- Vertical or Horizontal Strips:

Also in this wall, the person needs to plan beforehand as the person needs to decide to go for thin or thick strips. Also need to decide on a single palette theme or mixed color theme. The third element to choose from the stripped wall is the vertical strips or the horizontal strips for the wall. 


5- Textured Wall: 

If any individual has a textured wall then using separate colors for the textured wall is outclass to make the wall more outstanding also it is another idea for painters in Dubai.


6- Mix Color Theme:

It is a versatile wall which means in this theme the wall can be of different contrasting colors with different effects like gradient, strips, etc effects on the wall. Hence this wall is open to all details to deal with in also with going with different designs and themes that can contrast the wall with other entities of the room.


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