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Top 4 Reasons to Consider Sage 100 ERP Hosting on the Cloud

Being more productive and able to lower the cost of all projects is ideally what every business prefers. Achieving this objective requires you to improve your internal processes.

Hosting software on the cloud such as Sage 100 ERP gives you more power and control over your applications. With Sage 100 ERP hosting, you get flexibility in deploying the software, ensuring a better return on investment. You can eliminate the requirement of traditional on-premise deployments and ensure that your employees get remote access to the system. Besides, hosting Sage 100 ERP on the cloud gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance collaboration amongst the team members, and you get the required agility to ensure success for your business.

Sage 100 ERP HostingRead on to explore the top six reasons to consider hosting Sage 100 ERP on the cloud.

1. Remote Access

Sage 100 ERP hosting enables instantaneous remote access to the software. Employees in your organization can share files, access them, and edit them without manually interacting with workstations. With the cloud-hosted Sage 100 ERP software, you don’t have to be confined to fixed on-premise devices as you can access the software using a compatible internet-enabled device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, while on the move or from the comfort of your home.

2. Cost-Effective

When you avail of Sage 100 ERP hosting services, you don’t need to invest in buying any hardware equipment and maintaining them. Since the software is hosted on the cloud, all you need is access to the internet and smart devices like tablets, smartphones, iPad, or laptops. You can bring a significant reduction in the capital expenditure for your business. In addition, hosting the Sage 100 ERP on the cloud negates any hardware, utilities, in-house server, or an in-house IT team investment, giving you the freedom to utilize your funds in fulfilling other core business objectives.

A flexible pricing structure adds to the cost-effective feature of using Sage 100 ERP hosting services as you pay only for the server and infrastructure capacity, as and when required. Additionally, you can ask for the provision or de-provision of capacity according to your business needs. Furthermore, as you get a high uptime for the cloud hosting service, you don’t have to spend time or money to fix potential downtime-related problems.

3. Disaster Recovery

A robust and comprehensive disaster recovery program is paramount for every business. However, ensuring the same could be challenging for SMBs as they might lack the required level of expertise and have a limited budget.

With Sage 100 ERP hosting in place, SMBs can also have a solid disaster recovery solution and ensure the availability of mission-critical data at all times. That said, businesses can quickly recover the data and ensure business continuity even when natural disasters like floods, fires, and earthquakes occur.

4. Improved Collaboration

Anytime, anywhere access to the Sage 100 ERP software makes it easier for your employees to collaborate efficiently. You can see a significant improvement in the workflow as the users have the flexibility to view, access, edit, and share files simultaneously.

A hosted Sage 100 ERP system increases collaboration amongst the team members and facilitates virtual work among the team members and your clients. Besides, increased collaboration facilitates you with real-time updates as every authorized user can work on the same file at a given time, and every user can see any real-time changes to the file.

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