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Richard Sherman has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor

Richard Sherman has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges stemming from an arrest last July stemming from a domestic disturbance and drunken driving incident.

The cornerback was arrested on July 14th after he crashed his SUV in a construction zone and attempted to break into his in-laws house near Seattle, police said.The Sam Martin Jerseys break-in attempt at the residence, which was later released by the court.

His father-in-law, Raymond Mo s, told officers at the time he armed himself with a handgun and fired pepper spray at Sherman to protect his family.

Im grateful for the community we have and the way people continue to accept you even though you're a flawed human being and made a mistake, Sherman told the court.

What is Richard Sherman's punishment?

Sherman owes roughly$825 in legal fees and $500 for speeding in the construction zone.

He will also be under court supervision for two years.

The cornerback will also be responsible for paying restitution for the damage he created to his in-laws' house, as well as to the state transportation department. That amount has yet to be determined.

Sherman was also given credit for the two days he spent in custody after he was first arrested with 88 days remaining on the sentence suspended by the judge. He will not serve any additional time behind bars.

The King County prosecutor's office said the resolution was in line with comparable cases.

Mr. Sherman did not get special treatment one way or the other, spokesman Casey McNerthney wrote, .

Below is a full summary of the events that led Calvin Anderson Jerseys toSherman's arrest,based on police accounts and media reports.

Richard Sherman news

Shermanwas arrested and bookedat 6:08 a.m. PT (9:08 a.m. ET) Wednesday at the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle on suspicion ofburglary domestic violence. On Thursday, Amy Dash, a legal analyst for CBS Sports Radio and Fox Sports Radio, reported that Washington state was charging Sherman with one count each of criminal trespa s (domestic violence designation), malicious mischief, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. The charges are all misdemeanors.

State is not asking for a burglary charge against Richard Sherman. It downgraded booking to a charge of criminal trespa s which is a misdemeanor. He faces 1 count of these misdemeanors: criminal trespa s (domestic violence designation), malicious mischief, DUI & resisting arrest

Amy Dash (@AmyDashTV)

TSN reporter Farhan LaljifollowedDash's update by reporting that Sherman was released without bail.

Sherman released without bail.

Farhan Lalji (@FarhanLaljiTSN)

A Redmond Police Department spokesperson toldon Wednesdaythat “officers showed up to a residence in the Redmond area after receiving a call from the occupants inside the home who claimed a family member who did not live there was trying to break in.” They went on to arrest Sherman, but his wife, Ashley Mo s, said that everything was OK after the incident.

“He didnt harm anybody. My kids were not harmed in the incident,” Mo s told.”Hes a good person and this is not his character. Were doing all right, just trying to get him out. I want people to know no one was injured.”

The Tacoma News Tribune reported on Wednesday thatRedmond Police Chief Darrell Lowe said that Sherman is being charged because of his relation to the occupants at the addre s and “not because of violence against Rico Gafford Jerseys any family member/significant other.”

Redmond police chief Darrell Lowe: Richard Sherman tried to break into house of his ex-in-laws around 2am. Domestic violence specification to the burglary charge is for his relations of addre s occupants, not because of violence against any family member/significant other

Gregg Bell (@gbellseattle)

In a 911 call obtained by KIRO Radio in Seattle, Mo s can be heard saying Sherman was “drunk and belligerent” and that he was threatening to kill himself. She said that there were no weapons in the house, but that Sherman would try to fight police if they showed up. She also said that he had tried to fight her uncle.

Here's the full link:

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM (@KIRORadio)

said that Sherman had fought with police officers and that a police dog was used to a sist with arresting him.

ESPN's Adam Schefter was the first to report the news of Sherman's arrest and also reported that he was denied bail.

Free-agent CB Richard Sherman was booked at 6:08 this am at the Seattle Correctional Facility for Burglary Domestic Violence, per King County public records. Sherman also was denied bail.

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

Sherman was denied bail because a judge needs to set it “due to the felony nature of the incident,” per . Sherman's hearing will take place Thursday. He will remain in the King County CorrectionalFacility until then.

Richard Sherman has not been formally charged. He cannot be until he appears in King County District Court, which will not be until Thursday afternoon. Until then, Sherman will remain in the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle.

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

Schefter reported thatSherman is also being investigated in connection witha single-car hit and run. The vehicle is registered to Sherman.

Washington State Police also are investigating Richard Sherman in connection to a hit and run, and damage to state Department of Transportation property. State police say that at Terrell Davis Jerseys about 1:00 a.m. PT, they received a report of a single-car incident. A car struck a concrete barrier

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

The driver apparently was able to drive the vehicle off the exit and abandoned it in a nearby parking lot. The registration was run, and it came back to Richard Sherman.

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

The NFL Players A sociation i sued a statement on Sherman's arrest and said the organization had activated its”domestic violence crisis protocol.” Sherman is a vice president on the NFLPA's executive committee.

We were made aware of an arrest last night of one of our player leaders for an alleged domestic violence incident and have activated our domestic violence crisis protocol for the protection and support of everyone involved. We will continue to monitor events closely as more facts are made available to us.

Why was Richard Sherman arrested?

Police responded to a residence in the Redmond, Wash.,area after a family member who didn't live at the home attempted to break in, reported. The family member allegedly was Sherman, though police wouldn't confirm the name of the suspect.

Sherman was arrested on suspicion ofburglary domestic violenceanddenied bail. Additionally, anextreme risk protection orderhas been mandated in this case.

Authorities have yet to provide further details about Sherman's arrest. The case is sealed, according to a notice filed in King County Superior Court.

What is burglary domestic violence?

Washington defines two degrees of burglary charges that can be involved with domestic violence. The le ser of the two is burglary in the second degree.

The charge is defined as follows, according to domestic violence defense firm:

A person is guilty of burglary in the second degree if, with intent to commit a crime against a person or property therein, he or she enters or remains unlawfully in a building other than a vehicle or a dwelling.

This is considered a Cla s B felony. Penalties can include:

Up to 10 years of jail timeA fine up to $20,000

The first- Dalton Risner Jerseys degree offense is considered a Cla s A felony.

A person is guilty of burglary in the first degree if, with Adrian Killins Jr. Jerseys intent to commit a crime against a person or property therein, he or she enters or remains unlawfully in a building and if, in entering or while in the building or in immediate flight therefrom, the actor or another participant in the crime (a) is armed with a deadly weapon, or (b) a saults any person.

The penalties for first-degree burglary domestic violence can include:

A lifetime jail sentenceUp to $50,000 in finesWhat were the charges against Richard Sherman?

Sherman instead faces five le ser misdemeanor charges after prosecutors downgraded the charges from burglary domestic violence.

Criminal trespa s in the second degreeMalicious mischief in the third degreeResisting arrestDriving while under the influenceReckle s endangerment of roadway workers

The misdemeanors carry varrying sentence lengths if Sherman is convicted, none more than a year in jail. He is expected to plead not guilty during an arraignment Friday.

Richard Sherman arrest timelineSherman was arrested at 6:08 a.m. PT July 14. He was denied bail.An extreme risk protection order was entered against him earlier in the year.Sherman is also being investigated in a single-car hit-and-run accident. Thevehicle involved was registered to him.Sherman is a free agent. He played in five games for the 49ers in 2020, making 18 tackles and recording one interception.Sherman was releasedon July 15. His charges were downgraded to criminal trespa s, malicious mischief, DUI and resisting arrest, all misdemeanors.


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