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Pink Clouding – An Early Stage Of Addiction Recovery

During the first few months of recovering from addiction, a person may experience a period of pink clouding, a time when he or she may be overconfident and unwilling to seek help. While the symptoms are common and can last for weeks or months, they are not defined, and their meaning and duration can vary widely from person to person. Listed below are five signs that a person might be in pink clouding and how to avoid them.

The pink clouding phase is characterized by feelings of elation, bliss, or rosiness. While this state often lasts for only a few days, it can sometimes last for several months, depending on the individual. It can also come and go throughout the recovery process. However, it is important to be aware that it is a normal part of recovery and it is completely normal. In addition to therapy, connecting with like-minded individuals can help you deal with the feelings associated with addiction and its effects.

During the pink clouding phase, people often have unrealistic expectations for their recovery. It's important to understand that the good feelings will wear off and that the recovery process will require hard work to stay clean. It's important to take care of your daily obligations, return to work, and commit to an aftercare program. Even though these feelings may make recovery difficult, it is essential to acknowledge that they are normal and help you stay positive.


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