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Patriots congratulate Bucs Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski for winn

As the saying goes, real recognize real.

While the Buccaneers won Super Bowl 55 and pretty handily, might Jorge Soler Jersey we add, at a score of 31-9 the Patriots got in on the action (as they are used to doing on Super Bowl Sunday).

Just minutes after quarterback Tom Brady secured his seventh Super Bowl ring, New England offered a small bit of congrats on the Tweet machine, anointing No. 12 the “greatest of Alcides Escobar Jersey all time” something that, well, we all kind of knew already.

Congratulations to the greatest of all time.

New England Patriots (@Patriots)


While Brady isn't explicitly mentioned by name, it's safe to a sume the “greatest of all time” is, in fact, the man who spent 20 years winning titles with the Patriots.

Brady wasn't the only Chris Owings Jersey one getting the praise, though, with Gronkowski getting congrats from the Patriots, as well. But in a little quirky way.

Congratulations to the greatest of all time.

New England Patriots (@Patriots) Danny Duffy Jersey

Brady, who won six Lombardi trophies in nine Super Bowl appearances with New England, won his first championship away from Foxborough, Ma s. on Sunday in a big way: HIs three-touchdown performance earned him his fifth Super Bowl MVP in the Kansas City drubbing.

Billy Hamilton Jersey While Brady was clutch (as he is accustomed to being, as the GOAT and all), the Bucs defense showed up in a big way. They stifled the Chiefs' offense and forced Patrick Mahomes into two interceptions.

Brady, 43, is under contract for at least one more Terrance Gore Jersey season with the Buccaneers. If he keeps this up, maybe the Bucs will tweet out congrats when he's winning titles with a third team. (Maybe not).


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