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NFL standings Updated AFC NFC playoff picture for Week 11 of

Week 11 is here, usheringin final seven weeks of the 2020 NFL regular season. Every win becomes a lot more important in trying to lock down division titles or wild-card berths to get into the playoffs, while every lo s can furtherdash those hopes.

The postseason field expandingby one team each in the AFC and the NFC to a total of 14 has broughtmore teams into realistic contention over the near two-month closing stretchBased on the current standings, here's an updated look at what each conference tournament would look like if the playoffs started now:


NFL standings for Week 11AFC playoff picture The referenced media source is mi sing and needs to be re-embedded.

Who would be in?

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0), first place, AFC North. The Steelers have a precarious game lead over the Chiefs for the top seed and the lone bye. They have a very favorable schedule ahead to follow the Jaguars win in Week 11. They now lead the Browns by three games and the Ravens by four games in the division, with head-to-head tiebreakers against both teams. The Steelers and Damarious Randall Jersey Chiefs do not play each other.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1), first place, AFC West. The Chiefs got a Christian Kirksey Jersey much-needed Week 11 road win after the bye to avenge their Week 5 home lo s to the Raiders.They now have a comfortable three-game lead in the division with only six left to play. The Chiefs also will travel tothe Buccaneers, Saints and Dolphins.It willprobably come down to the wire for the No. 1 seed between them and the Steelers.

3. Buffalo Bills (7-3), first place, AFC East. The Bills' last-second lo s to the Cardinals was costly. Their divisionlead over the Dolphins is down to only ahalf-game fortheir Week 11 bye, with the Patriots 2.5 games behind.The Bills did beat the Dolphins and Patriots earlier, which helps, but theydid lose to the Chiefs and Titans, which will hurt theirseeding as still likely division champions. They get a shot at the Steelers at home in Week 14. They stay ahead of the Colts with a better conference record.

4. Indianapolis Colts(7-3), first place, AFC South.The Colts had to beat the Packers to stay ahead of the Titans, whom they beat in Week 10. The win over a quality NFC opponent in Week 11also strengthened their wild-card fallback position. The Colts' key AFC lo ses are to the Browns and Ravens. They play the Titans again in Week 12 with first place on the line. They also play the Raiders in Week 14 and the Steelers in Week 16, both on the road.

5. Tenne see Titans (7-3), second place, AFC South. The Titans got a much-needed win against the Ravens, another wild-card hopeful, to at least get this wild-card position after the Colts followed suit with an overtime win of their own against the Packers. Now they to focus on splitting with the Colts in Indianapolis next week. The Titans also have a key AFC win over the Bills. They play the Browns, over whom they have a conference record edge, in Week 13.

6. Cleveland Browns (7-3), second place, AFC North.The Browns got another gritty cold, rainy weather win over the Eagles at home to get back into wild-card position, thrilled by the Ravens also losing to the Titans to fall one game behind them.The Browns lost to the Raiders but beat the Colts and they draw the Titans in Morgan Burnett Jersey Week 13.

7. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4), second place, AFC West. Joe Schobert Jersey The Raiders are still here after losing to the Chiefs on Sunday night because they still have a superior conference record (4-3) than either the Dolphins or Ravens.They beat the Browns and also get shots at home against the Colts (Week 14) and Dolphins (Week 16) in December.

Who can get there?

8. Miami Dolphins (6-4)9. Baltimore Ravens (6-4)

The Ravens dropped all the way down here after their shocking blown-leadhome lo s to the Titans as their freefall continues from the AFC's top seed in 2019. They also are in third place in the North now, too, behind the Browns. The Dolphins' upset lo s at the Broncos put them out of position.

Who's likely out?

10. Denver Broncos (4-6)11. New England Patriots (4-6)12. Los Angeles Chargers(3-7)13. Houston Texans(3-7)14. Cincinnati Bengals (2-7-1)15. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9)

Who's out16. New York Jets (0-10)

The Broncos are still out of luck depsite beating the Dolphins. The Patriots wasted their Ravens victory with a lo s to the Texans.The Bengals needed to beat Washington to stay alive but now are done with the lo s and Joe Burrow hurt. The Chargers can keep thinking about what might have been with Justin Herbert with all their close lo ses, while the Texans already dug themselves too deep of a hole. The Jets can still focus on edging the Jaguars for the No. 1 pick in the draft.

NFC playoff picture


Who would be in Phillip Gaines Jersey ?

1. New Orleans Saints (8-2), first place, NFC South.The Saints' sparkling conference record (now 7-1) is a big a set after their Week 11 thrashing of the Falcons with Taysom Hill.They have a one-game lead over the Packers, which puts them back on top because they lose the head-to-head tiebreaker otherwise.

2. Los Angeles Rams (7-3), first place, NFC West.The Rams jumped the Seahawks in the standings with their Monday night win over the Buccaneers following a Week 10 beat down They are just 1-1 in the division, having lost to the 49ers, but they are now 7-1 in the conference overall, giving them the conference-record tiebreaker over the Packers for this spot.

3. Green Bay Packers (7-3), first place, NFC North.The Packers still hold a two-game division leadover the bye-weekBears, who are fading fast and whom the Packers get to play twice, including in Week 12 at Lambeau Field.The AFC lo s to the Colts hurts in Week 11, because it dropped them from No. 1 all the way down here.They also need to root for the Rams, Seahawks and Buccaneers tofade so they can work to get backhome-field advantage over the Saints, whom they beat in New Orleans in Week 3.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1), first place, NFC East. The Eagles should be pulling away and winningthe division in the second half after their Week 9 bye, but they got off to a rough start by losing to the Giants in Week 10, tightening the race. The Eaglessomehow looked worse in the Week 11 lo s at the Browns.They would not finish higher or lower than this seed if they win the East and hope to still be a dangerous playoff floater.

5. Seattle Seahawks (7-3), second place, NFC West.The Seahawks briefly took the division lead when they beat the Cardinals to open Week 11,but David Njoku Jersey fell down t


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