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NFL playoff clinching scenarios for 49ers Patriots in Week 1

NFL playoff clinching scenarios already are in play, and we still have five weeks remaining in the 2019 regular season. This is a testament to how strong the league's best teams have been this season.

It should come as no surprise that the two teams with 10-1 records, the Patriots and 49ers, are among those that have Davante Adams Jerseys the year's first chances to clinch spots in the .

New Orleans (10-2) became the first team to clinch a playoff spot,securing theNFC South title Las Vegas Raiders T Shirts for athird consecutive year with a win over Atlanta on Thanksgiving.


Because they have divisional competition from the Seahawks and Bills, respectively, the 49ers and Patriots can't clinch their divisions this week, but they can secure playoff spots. Both will need a little help, with San Francisco needed just a win and a LA Rams lo s to Arizona to officially reach the Las Vegas Raiders Hoodies Sweatshirts postseason.

Easier said than done, though, for the 49ers against the red-hot Ravens. Baltimore is sitting pretty at 9-2, and although it can't clinch a playoff spot in Week 13, the Ravens will have some clinching scenarios next week should they take care of the 49ers at home.

Below are all the clinching scenarios for the 49ersand Patriots in Week 13.

NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Week 13San Francisco49ers

(at Ravens)

49ers clinch playoff berth with:

49ers win and Rams lo s or tie OR49ers tie and Rams lo sNew Orleans Saints

(at Falcons)

Saints clinch NFC South title with:

Saints win ORSaints tie and Panthers lo s or tie

(UPDATE: The Saints clinched the NFC South title with their win over the Las Vegas Raiders Home Office Falcons.)

New England Patriots

(at Texans)

Patriots clinch playoff berth with:

Patriots winandRaiders lo s or tie ORPatriots win and Steelers lo s or tie ORPatriots tie and Raiders lo s and Steelers lo s ORPatriots tie Richie Incognito Jerseys and Raiders lo s and Colts lo s ORPatriots tie and Steelers lo s and Colts lo s


AFC playoff picturePatriots (10-1)Ravens (9-2)Texans (7-4)Chiefs (7-4)Bills (9-3)Steelers (6-5)

In the hunt: Raiders (6-5), Colts (6-5), Titans (6-5), Browns (5-6)

NFC Jim Otto Jerseys playoff picture49ers(10-1)Saints (10-2)Packers (8-3)Cowboys (6-6)Seahawks (9-2)Vikings (8-3)

In the hunt: Rams (6-5), Bears (6-6), Eagles (5-6), Panthers (5-6), Buccaneers (4-7)


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