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Little Fin – a beautiful underwater pixel art adventure!

Little Fin brings a fun arcade adventure for all ages on your iPhone and Android… In pure pixel art!

Swim in the coral reef and collect all the cans that pollute the ocean!

Little Fin is a cute adventure game with easy controls and fun levels to play. Find secret passages, eat small fish to get bigger and break rocks, and swim away from a giant shark!


– Super fun gameplay
– Low-poly 3D graphics
– More skins to unlock
– A wonderful journey into the depths of the sea
– Fascinating music tracks

Little Fin for iPhone and Android takes you for a ride on the coral reef!
In the role of the little fish protagonist you will have to wander left and right through the sea depths, collecting as many cans as possible (which pollute eh, always remember this) and avoiding the inevitable dangers / environmental enemies…. Including (from time to time) a giant hungry shark that will hunt you down!

Luckily you can count on small piles of fish scattered here and there, which, once “papped” will make you so big that you can throw down not only any enemies, but also rocks that will allow you to access secret areas full of interesting goodies 😉
A good amount of levels await you to tackle (logically more and more intricate and dangerous), and if you know how to do it with the collection of cans you can unlock various skins.

The too simple game mechanics, combined with the good variety of levels (perhaps a little too similar to each other – unfortunately) and a rather catchy sound accompaniment make the game experience truly enjoyable, and the balanced difficulty level guarantees a good level of challenge without ever exaggerating. The graphic sector is also excellent in pure (and colorful) pixel art, a trademark for the excellent NEUTRONIZED team.

What else to add … Well, nothing, absolutely nothing.
If you like retro-style (and unpretentious) arcade adventures with Little Fin, play it safe. I recommend everyone a good test ride 😉


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