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Writing your mental feelings or thoughts in a concise and controlled manner is called 'essay'.

In other words, writing your feelings on a topic in complete sequence is called 'essay'.

The word 'essay' is made up of two words – Ni + Bandha. It means well bound creation. That is, a composition that is written thoughtfully, sequentially.

On the basis of this, we can say in simple words – 'Essay is that prose composition, which is written sequentially on a topic.'

Essay topics in Hindi

Generally, the topics of the essay are familiar topics, that is, about which we hear, see and read; Such as – religious festivals, national festivals, different types of problems, weather etc.

For successful discussion in all areas of life, we need the best essay writing. essay can be written on any topic. Today essays are being written on social, economic, political and scientific subjects. Every subject, every object, person in the world can be the center of an essay.

Defining the essay, Acharya Ramchandra Shukla, the leading litterateur of Hindi, has said-

“In essay writing, the author walks on the broken thread branches here and there at a free pace according to the tendency of his mind.”

The above definition means that the essay should be according to the tendency of the writer's mind and the writing of the essay should be based on free movement, that is, the essay should be written in such a way that the author's thinking, ideological level, his own ideology on the subject should become clear.

Moreover, the author should flow like a river, without being influenced by the opinion of others. It is very important that the personal identity or selfishness of the author should not affect the subject matter.

It is not necessary that whatever you write is acceptable to everyone, it is important that you write objectively because objectivity is the first and last criterion of an essay.

Parts of an Essay

Four parts of the essay were fixed-

 (1) Title –

The title should be catchy, so that people are eager to read the essay. But if you are appearing for the exam, you must have already been given the title.

(2) Preamble—

This is the foundation of the excellence of the essay. It is also called role. It should be very interesting and engaging but it should not be too long. The role should be such that it can give a glimpse of the subject matter. Which can motivate the reader to read the essay.

The essay should begin with an aphorism, a verse or an example. Use of good effective lines will make a good impression on the examiner, which will help the student to score good marks. Attractive opening creates curiosity in the mind of the reader or examiner to read the essay further. In the essay, a brief introduction of the topic and its present form should also be given to the student in the role section. While writing a role, it is very important to keep in mind that the role should be directly related to the subject.

(3) Subject-Detail –

In this, in three to four paragraphs, their views are expressed on various aspects of the subject. In each paragraph, ideas are written on one aspect. This is the main part of the essay. It is very important for them to be balanced. Here the essayist expresses his point of view. When writing an essay, it should be written rough, what to tell first, then make points, after that write them in paragraphs.

(4) Epilogue –

It is written at the end of the essay. In this part, the things written in the essay are written in a paragraph in the form of a summary. A message can also be written in it. Essays can be ended with exhortation, quoting (writing) the thoughts of others or through a line of poetry.


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