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Fildena 100: Modafinil Smart Pill – Smartfinil

Fildena is used to treat a variety of erectile dysfunctions. Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor sildenafil citrate is the drug's primary active ingredient. In terms of pharmacological action, Fildena is similar to Viagra, except that it is less expensive than the original. Many men are concerned about the cost of their erectile dysfunction treatments, particularly if they must be used on a regular basis. Tablets shaped like diamonds and covered in a blue-violet shell are used to create the medication.

Sildenafil 100 mg is the active ingredient in each Fildena pill. As a general rule of thumb, most men with erectile dysfunction should take this daily dose. In addition to being renowned as a “wonder pill,” Fildena 100mg assists men all over the globe achieve and maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction, the medical term for male infertility, is an issue that affects millions of men throughout the globe. Fildena 100mg is used by men throughout the globe to cure erectile dysfunction and achieve long-lasting erections and sex. Basically, it boosts the amount of blood flowing to the penis. As a result, you may expect an erection lasting up to four hours after taking this medicine. However, despite its original intent to treat pulmonary hypertension, this medicine is most often prescribed to male patients seeking erectile dysfunction (ED).


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