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Ever Feel Like Your Car Lacks Acceleration? Here’s What To Do!

It is not surprising that there are many different car types in the world. They differ in a variety of ways, including how they look and how powerful their engines are. Similarly, there are vehicles that vary in performance.

However, do you know about the performance? The performance signifies the capacity of a car’s engine to generate acceleration. A car gets enough acceleration that the wheels can move on the road. 


How Does An Engine Generate Acceleration?

It seems magical how fuel energy turns into kinetic power. An internal combustion engine does the work of generating power or acceleration. The engine receives adequate air and fuel to perform the combustion process that pushes the piston and generates the acceleration.

In case, the combustion process gets disturbed, there is always a loss of power or lack of acceleration. Sometimes, it results in a misfire. But, it is always worthwhile to find out the causes of the lack of power.


A defective Mass Air Flow Sensor may hamper the air intake of the engine.

The Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) controls the intake of fresh air into the engine, and it also measures the quantity that is needed at different levels of acceleration. It governs the process with the help of an ECU (Engine Control Unit).

 However, a defective MAF might fail to inform the ECU about the adequate requirements and your car’s engine may suffer from the improper air intake. This always results in a lack of acceleration. You can get a car engine diagnosis at Service My Car for a better understanding.

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A Clogged Air Filter May Not Pass Proper Air Flow

If there is no issue with your car’s MAF, it might be a clogged air filter. As fresh air contains impurities such as dust and debris, it might get clogged over time.

You can expect a clogged air filter to provide proper air to the engine. It is necessary to look for the air filter and try to replace it at a reliable service center.


A Faulty Fuel Filter May Not Provide Adequate Fuel

Similar to the air filter, the fuel filter takes care of the fuel quality and filters it before it goes to the engine. However, a clogged fuel filter may default on delivering proper service.

Consequently, there would not be a proper air-to-fuel mixture which may result in improper combustion and lack of power. This can be experienced during a drive when the engine does not generate enough power. However, it is wise to look for a professional review to avoid further damage and possibly car engine repair.


Improper Fuel Pump supply

The fuel usually travels from the fuel pump to the engine with the help of a pump. It is a fuel pump that delivers the fuel to the engine at the front of your car. However, if it sustains some sort of fault, the fuel pump will not be able to provide enough fuel to the engine when needed. It surely produces a lack of power due to the improper combustion process.

Low speeds won't be affected by a malfunctioning fuel pump, but when you need quick acceleration, you might be disappointed. However, you can opt for the replacement of a fuel pump to get rid of the lack of acceleration permanently.


A Clogged Exhaust System Can Be a Cause of Concern For Lack Of Fuel

It might seem a bit awkward that exhaust has some sort of relation with the engine operation. But it is true. As unnecessary gases are the by-products of the combustion process and the exhaust system is responsible for leaving them out into the environment safely.

However, the combustion process only starts again once these gases are out of the exhaust system, so a clogged exhaust might delay the combustion process, eventually resulting in a lack of power. You can be sure of the genuine cause after the inspection of a professional mechanic at a reliable workshop.


Fuel Injectors May Default In Their Operation Due To Carbon Build-Up

The internal combustion process relies on the fuel injector for fuel intake. They are responsible for injecting the fuel at the proper proportion so that the combustion process may take place properly.

They usually spray the fuel into the chamber while keeping the adequate amount in check. Under normal circumstances, the fuel injector works properly. However, it may get disturbed due to the carbon build-up.

The carbon build-up is a result of using a low level of fuel. The residual carbon does not allow the injectors to spray fuel inside the chamber.

However, you can apply a remedy by occasionally opting for a high quality fuel system cleaner. You can also use car scanning and diagnostics to pin point the genuine reasons behind a lack of acceleration.


A Defective Timing Belt May Introduce Discomfort To The Engine Operation.

A timing chain is certainly a critical component under the hood. You cannot expect the engine to operate if the timing belt is not intact. Even if there is a tooth missing, it surely results in the acceleration issues.

However, the timing belt issue should be taken care during routine car maintenance as it may result in unfavourable consequences. You should also arrange an inspection or possibly a car timing belt replacement at a reliable service centre such as Service My Car.

A car possesses a complex mechanism with many components. Therefore, you can also experience the acceleration issue due to a problem elsewhere other than the engine under the hood. But, it is always worth approaching a professional at a reliable service centre such as Service My Car for a genuine fix.

At Service My Car, you get all your needs fulfilled for your car repair without any hassle. Just book a car service online or request a quote on our website.


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