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Enhancing Your Garden Fence: Seeking Advice for a Community Forum

Hello fellow garden enthusiasts!

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the delights of gardening. I wanted to reach out to our vibrant garden community forum to seek advice and suggestions regarding a project I have in mind – renovating the garden fence on my regulated property.

Currently, the fence consists of a solid concrete base, standing at 50 cm, with metal grates mounted on top, reaching a height of 1.20 meters. However, due to the unfortunate passing of the elderly neighbors in the adjacent properties (with their heirs residing abroad), the neglected gardens have become a playground for stray animals, who now frequently jump into our yard. Additionally, strong winds carry dry grass and debris through the metal grates, resulting in an unsightly view behind the fence.

To address these concerns, I am considering replacing the metal grates with brickwork. However, I would appreciate your competent advice on determining the appropriate height for the new fence. It is worth mentioning that the entire fence is within the boundaries of my property, as indicated in the cadastral map and register.

If any of you have experience or expertise in fence construction, local regulations, or aesthetic considerations, I kindly request your insights. Here are a few specific questions:

What are the local building regulations and height restrictions I should adhere to when building the new fence?
Are there any particular considerations regarding the surrounding environment that I should be aware of?
Should I consult with a professional engineer or architect to ensure the structural integrity of the fence?
Are there alternative materials or designs that you would recommend, keeping both functionality and aesthetics in mind?
I greatly appreciate your input and suggestions. Our collective knowledge and shared experiences make this community an invaluable resource. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations.

Happy gardening!



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