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Antonio Brown claims Raiders only signed him for the HBO rat

Antonio Brown must have a lot of spare time between cla ses because he's been tweeting non-stop for the past two days. That might sound like an exaggeration, but according to , Jalen Ramsey Jersey he tweeted 96 times on Friday resulting in a lo s ofalmost 2,000 followers.

We , buthe was back at iton Saturday morning and had some weird comments regarding the Raiders. According to Brown, Oakland was only interested in him to bring in ratings for the HBO show “Hard Knocks.”

Used me for the HBO ratings then rip my guarantees! No way I play with scrubs on weak weak basis chicken plan was for shirts not

AB (@AB84)

Let's break this tweet down.

MORE Tyler Higbee Jersey :

“Used me for the HBO ratings”

We're not sure what point Brown is trying to make here because the Raiders don't benefit from HBO's ratings, at least not directly. Maybemore attention on a player could lead to more jersey sales, but Mark Barron Jersey Brown isn't the type of under-the-radar athlete that's going to benefit from appearing on “Hard Knocks.”

And even if the Raiders did benefit from ratings, Brown was traded to Oakland before HBOmade a decision on which team would be featured on the show.

“then rip my guarantees!”

Brown is somehow painting himself as the victim in this situation. He seems to forget he literally begged the team publicly on social media to release him. And when the team did release him, he posted a video on YouTube celebrating that Eric Weddle Jersey release by running around in his backyard yelling “FREEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Antonio Brown posted a video on YouTube celebrating his release from the Raiders.

Sporting News (@sportingnews)

And this isafterhistumultuous months with the franchise, which included:

Oakland had every right to not pay Brown his guaranteed money, which was sent by general managerMike Mayock before his release. After this letter was sent, Brown continued his behaviorand was released, per his request.

“No way I play with scrubs”

The Raiders are 3-3 this season, so ” Matthew Stafford Jersey scrubs” is a little harsh.

If he didn't want to play with the Raiders, that's fine. He asked for his release, and he got it. That's within his rights.

But Brown needs to understandthat for that reality to happen, he needed to sacrifice something, and that something was nearly $30 million in guaranteed money. You can't have it both ways.

“weak weak basis chicken plan was for shirts Merlin Olsen Jersey

I don't know what this means.


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