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Fruit for hanging baskets? (3 replies)

1 year ago
NewHomeNewGarden 1 year ago

I saw a blackberry the other day which said it is perfect for hanging baskets. Has anyone tried it before? It was called black cascade.

Does anyone have any experience of growing fruit in hanging baskets and do you get a good enough crop?

Newbie to gardening with a little bit of horti knowledge but still needing all the advice I can get

1 year ago
Ednaduck 1 year ago

I've just looked this up on Thomson & Morgan main page. It certainly looks interesting. They're not too expensive either so definitely worth a try. You'll have to let us know how they do if you order some.

Strawberries certainly work in baskets but of course you have to remember to water them regularly. Not that we need to at the moment. Seems to be constantly raining here in Norfolk! I would always recommend feeding fruit in baskets with a tomato feed as well to increase the crop.  

I can't really think of any others at the moment.

5 months ago
loubylou 5 months ago

I'm having a go at growing hanging strawberries.  Thanks for the tip on giving tomato feed.

3 months ago
carolb 3 months ago

I have strawberries in planters, a tomato plant, french beans and a blueberry in a pot. I recently bought a dwarf apricot tree which I am looking forward to fruiting in a year or two.

Carol in Essex

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